Some of the benefits for entrepreneurs in engaging the Keiretsu Forum network are:


1. Road Show

An opportunity to present in front of a captive member audience in all four Southern California chapters (San Diego, Ventura Country, Los Angeles, San Diego) and therefore expand your reach.


2. Syndication

Leverage the 3000+ angel investors and raise larger capital

Establish new distribution and sales channels

Build new partnerships

Global reach is the power of the Keiretsu network. Ask us how Southern California can facilitate your entry into other global Keiretsu Forum chapters.


3. Keiretsu Connect

In addition to local live presentations, your company information is entered into our proprietary global deal tracking platform (Keiretsu Connect) where members can explore deals across the Keiretsu global network. Searching active deals for a specific area of interest is simple, fast and informative for our members and provides additional exposure for your company. Each month our chapter presidents distribute a hard copy version of the previous month’s global deal flow (Green Sheets). Your company will be profiled there the month following your presentation in Southern California.


4. Due Diligence Kick Starter

Diligence can slow a deal down. For those companies that receive adequate member interest, Keiretsu supplies a seasoned research resource (PhD graduate) to gather data and begin the fact checking exercise for an easier transition from pitch to member due diligence.


5. Due Diligence Platform

The DD platform is a set of online tools that standardizes the DD process and accelerates deal review.


6. Support from our Sponsors

Our sponsors understand the challenges that early stage businesses face and they are here to help. At Keiretsu we want to help entrepreneurs succeed in all aspects of their business. Starting a business is about much more than simply raising capital. We have many support services offered free of charge by our sponsors to companies that present at Keiretsu including the creation of your term sheet.



Everything you should know about participating with Keiretsu Forum


Company Stage

Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum are typically in their A or B rounds. They usually have accomplished a meaningful funding round (anywhere between $500,000 to $2.5 million) from their own funds, government grants and/or family and friends before they reach us. Member investments vary in response to the requesting company’s genuine needs, but are typically in the range of $500k $6 million.


Industry Target

Members invest in high-quality diverse investment opportunities in automation & instrumentation, consumer products, energy, financing, food & beverage, health care/life sciences, internet related, real estate, services, social ventures, software, telecommunications, and any other segment with high growth opportunity.

Entrepreneurs who are able to raise capital from one chapter can apply to present and potentially raise additional capital from other national and/or international chapter members.

The criteria listed below are frequently asked questions by the Keiretsu Forum Screening Committee:

Market Opportunity

  • Market definition

  • Market size

  • Market growth rate

  • Significant competitors

  • Domestic or international


What the Company needs

  • Resources beyond capital

  • Introduction to customers

  • Distribution partners

  • Key team members

  • How else can we help you


Company Strategy

  • Does the company address a significant problem?

  • Competitive advantages (price, patent, lead time, skilled team, etc.)


Capital Structure

  • Amount and type of investment

  • Has the management invested? (Skin in the game)

  • Date and price of last round

  • Are previous investors coming in this round?

  • Loans outstanding


Proposed Deal

  • Amount requested

  • Pre-investment valuation

  • Post-investment valuation

  • Terms


Liquidity Event

  • When and how

Company Financial Status

  • Current burn rate

  • How much in the bank

  • Cash horizon

  • Quarters to break even

Intellectual Property

  • Number of patents granted

  • Number of patents applied for

  • Scope and strength of patents

  • Licenses owned


  • Level of technology risk

  • Time to prototypes

  • Time to first ship


  • Does the company effectively communicate its message?

  • Can the company distinguish itself from the competition?


  • Specific experience

  • Overall experience

  • Complete team





In preparation for your presentation, we recommend that you:

1. Read the article “How Software Entrepreneurs Can be Successful Presenters to Investors” by Ed Harley, Chair Emeritus of the Keiretsu Forum Software Committee

2. View the video to the right from Nathan Gold, The Demo Coach, on “How To Pitch To Investors With 13 Slides In Under 10-Minutes”

3. Review the Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Handbook

4. Read the article “Top Ten Tips of the Keiretsu-Funded Entrepreneur

5. Read the white paper “Company Value Drives the Value of Founders’ Stock” co-authored by Tom Bondi, Principal with Berger Lewis Accountancy Corporation and Keiretsu Forum Silicon Valley Forum Resource Member since 2004




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