Bernard Njathi

Ambassador / International Support
Bernard´s motto:

Make tomorrow count now 

Bernard Njathi

Njathi, Means a ruler in my native Kikuyu language.  A passionate and focused professional with over 10 years of experiences in different business sectors across the Sub Saharan region in Africa.  Areas of involvement include but not limited to;  FinTech/Financial Services in technology, Renewable Energy/Solar Home Systems,  Retail Trade/Online retailers,  Technology/Front end systems, Media/Advertising-Marketing and Conditional Access Systems, StartUps/Payment Gateways and e-commerce engines,  Financial Services/Insurance.

Bernard´s Bio:

Bernard's entrepreneurial spirit kicked in as early as his teenage years! Born and raised in Kenya - Africa. The young man then had all hopes of doing all sorts of businesses but as fate would have it Bernard was destined to follow the sales and marketing path. Later on advance to product development, senior management, and strategy. Growing up in a family of 5, him being the 5th and last born it all meant that major decisions had "been made for him".... Story for another day :)

His sales and marketing journey, later on, converted into the passion that drove him to set up an Inter-Continental Business Agency that specializes in supporting businesses overseas to enter the continent of Africa via Kenya. Having studied Business Management at the Technical University of Kenya, Bernard got equipped with the right skills to handle the various senior roles across Sub Saharan Africa. Bernard's passion is handling business complexities especially for companies overseas looking to enter the Continent of Africa.