Herschel (Buzz) Peddicord

Life Sciences/Medical Devices
Herschel´s motto:

“If you’re going to do something, take the extra 5 minutes and do it right”

Herschel (Buzz) Peddicord

When I’m not working, which is my favorite activity, I enjoy boating, golf, and watching my grandkids play baseball, basketball, and volleyball. In my career, I’ve done enough travel to last a lifetime and find Zoom to be a much more efficient use of time. With 42 years’ experience in medical devices, I either know the product or somebody who does.

If investors are interested in investing in a medical device company, I can tell them if the physiology behind the device is sound and the potential market for that device.

Herschel´s Bio:

Founder and CEO of InControl Medical

  • InControl Medical, LLC is the world’s leading provider of FDA cleared, in-home medical devices for the treatment of bladder and bowel leakage.  Bladder leakage affects 60 million women in the US, and InControl can cure it.

Founder and CEO HomMed, LLC

  • HomMed created and sold home vital sign monitoring equipment for primarily congestive heart failure and diabetes patients. HomMed sold after 4 years to Honeywell for 130 million dollars.

Senior VP of Criticare Systems and international manufacturer of anesthesia monitoring devices.

General manager North America for Biotroinik, a German pacemaker company.