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John Samuelson

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International CIO/COO, Business Placements / Operations / Special Programs Manager, providing Private Equity Placement & Capital Management, including Start-Up Investigations, Business Management, Strategic Direction, Cross-Functional Leadership in International Disruptive Technology Businesses.

• International Technical Business Development
• SFO Start-Ups/Late Stage Investment Management
• Financial Management & Technology Planning
• Strategic Planning & Operations Project Leadership
• CRE, Fintech, Blockchain Technology Ops
• Energy, Water, Sustainability & Alternatives
• Medical Systems/Devices & Aerospace
• Telecommunications & Semiconductors
• Deep Ocean Submarine & Robotics

Private Equity and Capital Technology, Leadership/Consulting/Business Development
Provide International Private Equity and Capital Placement support, operations, and leadership in diverse markets, including Commercial Real Estate and highly Diverse Advanced Technologies.
• Complete new & existing business development, research and investment management, plus leadership for existing High Wealth, Family Offices, Angel, and VC investors, while removing investor’s pain points.
• Complete Private Equity stake guidance, Investment Discovery and Investigations, Counseling, and Consulting with ‘Technical, Pivot and Vision Leadership’ in the best interests of the Private Equity Investor.
• Completed technology leadership consultation and ‘in-the-trenches’ advisory services for investment research, strategic guidance, due diligence, and management with numerous client accommodations.

SAMUELSON-ENERGY CONSULTING 2010 – Present Executive COO, CTO, Sr. Technology, Equity Placement & Special Programs Leadership
Provide international business, technology, and consulting leadership, for Venture Capital & Family Office business developments, start-ups strategic leadership, and financial reviews supporting equity success.
• Successful long-term client engagements include Karas Partners Inc. -a respected Family Office Business and Investment firm- and related Venture Capital Leaders
• Led over 100 companies and business situations completing international technical leadership, due diligence, and investment reviews, with strategic technical advice to start or expand operations.
• Successfully completed strategic business guidance and investment reviews for a multi-national disruptive water recycling company, incorporating manufacturing design and support ‘Water Center of Excellence’.

ROCKWELL COLLINS INC. Sr. Technical Project Manager.  2007 - 2016
Provided international technical cross-functional program, business, project management, and software & hardware engineering team leadership, for over 25 teams and 10 international clients.
• Successfully retained $10M in revenue commitments by Leading Strategy and Operations for Ten Tiger Team investigations for 4 International Business Jet clients regaining customer satisfaction.
• Promoted to lead technical manager including international cross-functional teams, for 100 advanced electronic and mechanical systems supporting 10 clients, including Gulfstream, Boeing, and Airbus.

SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS INC., Product Line Manager, Client Relations, Engineering & Operations.  1999 - 2007
Provided Cellular & Semiconductors Customer and Product Management for a multi-million dollar international for state-of-the-art cellular, telecommunications, and semiconductors systems, software, and device developments.
• Completed contract negotiations and defined, tracked, and insured $100M dollar annual revenue from 20 International Clients, insuring international semiconductor, product, and customer business goals.
• Promoted to Semiconductor & Cellular International Product Line Manager for Asia and European semiconductor clients following the successful technical team and related client leadership throughout Asia.


Advanced Medical Systems, Leadership/Consulting/Business Development, +10 Years
Provided ALS medical and life support systems technical development, integration, and leadership, supporting product completions and certifications with multi-million dollar international completions.
• Completed Telemedicine Medical System analysis and operations supporting international use case and program approval with international deployment.
• Promoted to advanced life support equipment project and integration lead, including Ventilators, supporting NASA’s disruptive technology developments and spaceflight, including publications.

Advanced NASA/Aerospace Systems, Leadership/Consulting/Business Dev, +15Yrs
Provided technical planning, development, human testing, and leadership focused on all forms of advanced space-based life support systems, airlock, and spacesuit systems for International operations.
• Promoted to Satellite Systems Design and Operations relocation lead, completing satellite systems leadership, program due diligence, and relocation nationally, supporting NASA financial satisfaction.
• Completed joint NASA-Russian Soyuz technical integration agreements in Moscow, resulting in multimillion-dollar corporate and international governmental approval and space flight implementation.

Renewables and Sustainability, Leadership/Consulting/Business Development, +10 Years
Completed international sustainable and disruptive technology business leadership and developments in advanced water, power, and renewables technologies and commercialization.
• Completed early-adopter water and power solar systems developments, test, and operations leading to functional use and business development and commercialization.

Fintech / Blockchain Technology, Leadership/Consulting/Business Development, +5Yrs
Provided international Blockchain and Fintech business development, research and investment consulting and leadership for investors, new business development, and product commercialization. 

Completed program development roadmaps and marketing strategies supporting multiple blockchain startups with launch readiness for investor acceptance, with client requests to proceed to launch.

Energy Development & Deep-Ocean Technology, Operations/Leadership, +15 Years
Completed international technical deep-water energy recovery systems installation, construction, operations, and development team leadership, supporting major energy and cable developments.
• Performed Professional Deep-Sea Diving construction, deep-water seismic research team leadership & cable operations beyond 500 feet of water, completing numerous client-heavy construction projects.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, Arizona 

Major Courses & Accomplishments:
• Majored in Telecommunications, Electronic Systems Design, and Business Management
• Completed accelerated and highly comprehensive business and technical curriculum including electronics technology, marketing, and management, along with technical business reporting
• Major Courses: Technical Business Management and Reporting, Electronics, Physics, and Calculus, Telecommunications
• IEEE School President, a Leading organization in Space Technologies curriculum

• Management for Technical Professionals Certificate, University of California, Irvine, California
• Cyber Security Studies Certificate, Costa Mesa California
• Executive Marketing Development Diploma, University of California, Irvine, California
• Yale University Sustainability Leadership Forum certificate, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
• Medical Life Support AM-EMT Certification Diploma, NASA & University of Houston, Houston, Texas
• Commercial Energy Production & Mixed Gas Deep Sea Diving Technical Diploma, Oakland California


• All Microsoft Office Products, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
• Project Leadership Scheduling Tools, such as JIRA, Microsoft Project and SmartSheets
• Google Docs and Google Suite
• Financial Management & Budgeting Tools
• Virtual Collaboration Tools
• Fintech, Blockchain & Crypto Exchanges


• Accredited with NASA private patent review and award for first Space Shuttle human zero-gravity Airway Suction Device development as flown on multiple space missions, NASA, Houston Texas
• NASA Hyperbaric Lighting Space Flight Study & Report, Lockheed Martin / NASA, Houston Texas
• Hyperbaric Defibrillation Operations Investigation and Report, NASA, Houston Texas
• Medical Airway Management, Respiratory Ventilator and Defibrillation studies, NASA, Houston Texas
• Multiple zero-gravity flights, underwater and hyperbaric studies for electronic and mechanical systems development and human physiology investigations, using simulated zero-gravity aircraft, weightless environment water tanks and pressurized chambers, NASA, Houston Texas