John Samuelson

Ambassador Due Diligence / Resource
John´s motto:
Inquisitive passion for Investments, Investigations and Defining Solutions
John Samuelson

John Samuelson’s personality and business methodologies are an intersection of technical 'Investigative Insight', with hands-on desire ‘Defining Solutions and Completing Visions and Developments'. Fundamentally a business operations nature of sleeves-up, hands-on, growing visions & completions. John provides hands-on private equity and business management developments and operations with specialties in advanced technologies. Related business experiences and outcomes include deep sea commercial energy developments and leadership, including deep diving locking out of diving bells beyond 500 feet in Brazil. Technical Engineering, Integration, Program and Business Leadership developments include the first airway suction device development to fly on Space Station. Advancements additionally include Asian telecommunications silicon device developments and program leadership. John’s business-related hobbies involve ultra-deep submarine development & diving operations including testing off the Guadalupe Islands, Mexico. Additional hobbies include blockchains and crypto currencies/bitcoin developments, automotive racing operations and volunteering as a leader and first responder in medical, humanity and security response areas.

John´s Bio:

John Samuelson provides private equity investments and hands-on leadership in disruptive business markets, deal flow oversight, operations, reorganizations and international consultation based on expansive hands-on international capabilities.  Completed all aspects of businesses operations and markets, from Deep Ocean Systems to Medical Systems to Telecommunications to Space Systems to Renewables.  

Throughout years of technical developments and operations, John operated in the private equity domain supporting Clean Energy and Renewable operations before formally entering the private equity technology sector in providing broad scope leadership, consulting and business investigative services to Family Offices, Angel Investors and Private Equity operations and firms. 

John’s private equity hands-on management, operations and consulting leadership have included numerous successful investments and operations investigations with ‘change leadership’ of multiple start-up and later stage businesses.  Successful clients and practices include blockchain operations, remote operated vehicles, disruptive water recycling, energy systems and leading encryption and cyber security technologies through business investigations, redirections and pivots.  

John initially completed mixed-gas bell diving construction and leadership beyond 500’ off Brazil, the North Sea, Mediterranean and Middle East for deep water energy, before leading international technical business developments in medical, telemedicine, telecommunications and commercial aerospace systems. 

Hands-on Leadership:

  • NASA Telemedicine, Life Support & Medical Devices/Systems & Aerospace Systems.
  • Deep-Ocean Energy Systems & Construction; Seismic Research; Clean Energy, Renewables, Water Systems.
  • Telecommunications, Cellular Systems & Silicon Device Development.
  • Fintech; Blockchain; Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Ops; Encryption and Security.

John’s completions included successful NASA Space Station Medical Systems implementation of ventilators, breathing systems and the first ever-flown zero-gravity flight airway suction device.  Additional NASA Emergent Care Medical Systems and life support systems developments include experimental and operations testing flying aboard the KC-135 Zero-Gravity aircraft, plus completing medical drug vestibular and hydrostatic pressure test as a test subject and investigator.  John has managed business unit and technology transfers of satellite and power systems manufacturing from New Jersey to California facilities for financial and operations efficiency, while maintaining customer and program satisfaction.  Upon returning to Southern California from international and national assignments, John provided program level engineering management and client oversight for key accounts including Samsung and other respected cellular manufactures internationally.  Along with telecommunications, John has spent formidable years managing the development and client oversight for business and commercial jet electronics platforms for Boeing, Gulfstream and Dassault.