Parisa Khosropour

Parisa´s motto:

Always demonstrate passion for discovery and learning

Parisa Khosropour

I enjoy science and learning new things; I always have and hopefully always will. It’s extremely motivating when you observe the application of innovation how it can actually impact someone’s life in a very positive way. I have experienced the California startup success story through a small startup based in the Bay Area that was eventually acquired by one of the largest life science companies in the world--Thermo Fisher Scientific.

As an Advisor; I hope I can add value and help startups successfully progress from one milestone to the next, supporting them in their journey to bring their products and services to market. 

In addition, my husband and I enjoy traveling and exploring different parts of the US and the world… there is so much to see and do!

Parisa´s Bio:

Senior Life Science Executive with over 25 years of progressive career distinguished by architecting and executing strategies within the HealthCare and Life Sciences industries. 

Built a reputation as a senior executive who provides significant independent judgement, leadership and direction for medical diagnostics/healthcare organizations to drive improvements and overcome obstacles to meet long-term financial and operational goals. 

Passionate about customer experience and focused on improving the lives of patients and creating work environments in which colleagues could thrive and develop. 


Dedicated to building effective relationships and providing crucial support to investors, C-level executive teams and boards of directors.

Parisa retired from Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2019 after 27 years of service; however continues to stay connected with the Diagnostics, MedTech/ Medical device community as a startup advisor and investor.