Steven Bruce Lehat

Steven´s motto:

"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going"

Steven Bruce Lehat

All attorneys are not the same. Steven Lehat is one whom clients are comfortable with and work with a trusted partner. Particularized legal service and deep generalist outlook assures this trusted partner relationship. Steven Lehat brings three decades of regulatory law solutions to enterprises. Legal challenges relating to accessing capital, monetizing intellectual property, and opening markets (including trademarks, copyrights, the internet, franchising, CPSC, EPA, FDA-advising on FSMA as PCQI, Prop 65, dietary supplements, and medical devices, FTC, CFTC-including cryptocurrency, securities-STOs, and private raises, FinCen-Money Transmitter, AML, and CBP-import/export transactions) are solved within the context of the "totality of operations."

Whether requiring financing with digital tokens, implementing worldwide trademark programs, growing business to reach new frontiers or needing to deflect government-imposed penalties from regulatory agencies of all kinds, whatever the issue, Steven Lahat is there to help.

Expect ferocious representation before FINRA to secure Accessing Capital, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board against interruption with the ability to Monetize IP, and the United States Court of International Trade to repel the closing of the Open Markets you depend on.

Community Works

As is now well understood, the fabric of any operation is defined by how and how much it gives back to the surrounding community and the world we live in. Giving folks a fair shake and making things transparent and predictable simply translates into a commitment to be involved in charitable works.

Steven Lehat is proud to contribute to religious, educational, and social charities in excess of 10% of revenues.

Mentoring is part of Steven Lehat’s vision for the future. It is most rewarding to help equip the next generation for success!

Steven´s Bio:

With his Degree in Finance and years of business consulting, Steven Lehat is currently mentoring both graduate students and undergraduates at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and has also mentored at the University of Maryland's Dingman Center, University of Cincinnati's Carl Lindner School of Business, as well as the organization Woman in Technology.

  • Representative Clients Over Decades of Service:
    • o Bacardi Corporation- Advised on trade bill leading to return of substantial tariffs.
    • o GRUMA Corporation (Mission Foods)- Managed copyright program to protect IP.
    • o Hyundai, Heavy Industries- Managed importation of oil well jackets valued at $120,000,000 saving more than $1M in tariffs and avoiding steel quota.
    • o Samsung- Advised on Customs classification to minimize tariffs.
    • o Pioneer Electronics- Advised on Customs classification to reduce tariffs.
    • o Saab- Advised on Customs classification so got to pay lower duties.
    • o Pier 1 Imports- Guided classification and valuation to reduce tariffs, and exonerated from $1,000,000 penalty in court.
    • o Dive N Surf (Body Glove)- Advised on FTC labeling, avoiding penalty exposure.
    • o RAD Network Devices- Advised on importation to assure no regulatory disruption.
    • o Manwise Investment- Advised on importation and assured Customs clearance.
    • o GBS Linens- Managed trademark program to protect IP.
    • o Powell Peralta- Managed worldwide trademark program to safeguard IP.
    • o NHS- Managed worldwide trademark program to repel infringers.
    • o Kingdom of Jordan- Advised on a revision of Customs and Intellectual Property laws for successful accession to WTO.
    • o Sturm Foods-Undertook strategic study on sugar procurement to address sugar quotas.
    • o Keiretsu Forum-Provides legal counsel to the Southern California Chapter of the world's largest angel network to facilitate alignment of entrepreneurs and investors.