Virtual Investor Forum

Thursday, Feb 11 / 2021
Virtual Meeting
  • Thursday, February 11, 2021
  • 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM PST
  • → Online here
  • Access will be granted upon approval
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Virtual Investor Forum


The Forum will feature 4-7 10-minute presentations followed by Q&A from a curated selection of exciting start-up companies, all of whom have been carefully selected through our screening processes. You will also see a few updated presentations from past presenting companies.
Botanisol Analytics
Open Therapeutics
Orion Biotechnology
Triggy AB
Incontrol (update)
PingDoctor (update)
SurgiPrice (update)
GoFresh Homes (update)
Healionics (update)
Wrap up  

Presenting companies:

Open Therapeutics
Open Therapeutics

Scientists around the world want to collaborate, but there is no single place to do it. Open Therapeutics hosts the blockchain-based end-to-end Therapoid scientific ecosystem. Therapoid provides science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students and professionals with free tools, services, lab equipment, preprint server, grant funding, manuscript development tool, and ScienceCoins™ cryptocurrency rewards to stimulate scientific collaboration. One might think of Therapoid as a "GitHub for scientists" rewarding "bitcoin for scientists". Our model creates the world's largest scientific think tank, which can address the most significant problems of our time such as COVID19! The outputs from Therapoid will include reviews and corrections to mistruths and myths. Once we have gathered the scientists, there are many revenue streams created: The first is selling co-op data subscriptions to public/private companies, governments, and institutions. The second is monetizing intellectual properties (IP) developed by the crowd of researchers. We will sell recruiters access to STEM candidates.


Triggy, a Swedish sports tech company targeting the global betting industry, goes America! Triggy's data-driven, personalized products create engagement and converts fans to bettors and is live with paying customers in Europe, Asia, and LatAm including world-leading The founders have 50+ years in online gaming and betting and five exits between them. With a vast industry network, proven products, and a team combining trading and banking with betting, Triggy will make more than a dent in the exploding American mobile sports betting market.

Botanisol Analytics
Botanisol Analytics

Botanisol Analytics has developed a rapid digital virus screening system that can deliver results in 5 minutes. There is no chemistry or skilled operator required, the portable hand carriable device uses a laser to detect molecular signatures of various pathogens, including the virus that causes Covid-19. The device goes anywhere with a standard power outlet and clinical validation has been performed by leading life sciences institutions including Harvard University, RPI in New York, and the University of Arizona. Contracts are already in place with the US Air Force and we are in talks with several other governments and national security organizations. The business model leverages leased units and a high margin ' razor/razor blade' system with disposable cartridges for each test performed.


Inmedix has invented an AI-based software biomarker and device combo first and only to predict therapeutic response for individuals with autoimmune diseases. The Company seeks to enter the market with this non-invasive device which enables doctors to monitor rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients' immuno-autonomic responses with unprecedented precision in a reimbursed, 5-min in-office procedure. Its proprietary algorithm will measure biochemical stress from autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity and compare individual patient data with its treatment response database to allow rheumatologists to personalize each treatment decision. The Company's cloud-based analytics is the only reliable treatment prediction test that has been demonstrated to improve the biologic remission rate from 25% to 79% in RA patients. A 2018 health economics study also showed that the test can reduce the total U.S. treatment cost of RA by as much as $34B over a 10-year period. The Company intends to broaden its market by applying this breakthrough diagnostic tool to other autoimmune and chronic neurological disorders to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.