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Keiretsu Forum Southern California ...
"Great Association with Quality Deal Flow"

  • "Great Association...
  • Keiretsu Forum membership is comprised of serious investors, business leaders, venture capitalists, corporate/institutional investors and serial entrepreneurs.

    Keiretsu Forum enjoys synergies and close relationships with venture capital firms, universities, and other partner organizations.

    These relationships facilitate the access to capital, talent, technology, and resources needed to build a successful venture.

  • ...with Quality Deal Flow"
  • Our quality and diverse deal flow comes from our community of members, venture capitalists, sponsors, incubators and universities.

    Keiretsu Forum members invest in investment opportunities that focus on emerging technologies, healthcare/life sciences, consumer products, real estate and other segments with high growth opportunity.

  • Keiretsu Definition
  • Keiretsu is a Japanese term describing a group of affiliated corporations with broad power and reach. Keiretsu Forum is described as a conglomeration of individuals or small companies that are organized around private equity funding for mutual benefit.

    Keiretsu Forum believes that through a holistic approach that includes interlocking relationships with partners and key resources, they can offer an association that produces the highest quality deal-flow and investment opportunities.

Our SoCal Team

We are here for you

Connie Harrell

Working with investors and entrepreneurs to gain the best ROI possible.

Region President / Analyst
Hong Jin

Using my organizational skills to support the team, our investors, and our entrepreneurs.

Operations Director and Membership Associate
Carinda Salomon

My name is Carinda and I am supporting Keiretsu SoCal with Marketing and Communications. 

Peter Salomon

Hi! My name is Peter, and i am here to build and improve this platform. 

Technology Analyst
Cindy Fraley

40+ yrs of experience in executive positions working to support the growth of Keiretsu SoCal

Executive Assistant, Entrepreneur Analyst
William Taffa

Implementing my years of experience in the hospitality industry and education in public accounting to support our growth.

Executive Administrator and Entrepreneur Director
Arthur Nicacio

Connecting entrepreneurs and investors to create impactful business opportunities and generate value

Business Development Associate
Industry Leads

Larry Harrell

Looking forward to supporting innovation in Aerospace & Defense

Business Analyst / Aerospace and Defense
Marylou Garcia

Introducing the knowledge that "Cash is Queen" 

Women's Initiatives
George Winston

Supporting Innovation in the Medical Device Industry to develop solid businesses.

Life Sciences/Medical Devices
David Evan Simpson

Entertainment & Venture Finance

Entertainment & Venture Finance
DiDi (Diegane Dione)
Technology Lead

Ronald Blum
With 25 years of experience evaluating and commercializing novel technologies in healthcare.
Ambassador / Region Growth
Ray Caldwell

The Greek concept of Arete - having excellence in Mind, Body, and Spirit - guides my involvement with Kieretsu!

Ambassador / Region Growth