Ray Caldwell

Ambassador / Region Growth
Ray´s motto:

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take." - Wayne Gretzky"

Ray Caldwell

I am excited about this adventure we call life. I have always been involved in sports and love competing and coaching athletes (particularly high school wrestlers) to excel. Along the way, I managed to fall in love with this beautiful lady from San Diego and am forever grateful for her introduction to California where we have raised three children who are adults in their own right!
I am an experienced leader in technology and a passionate business coach building strong individuals and teams to achieve exceptional results with consultative planning, directive presentations, creative marketing, and mindful mentoring.
Personally, I believe in building multiple streams of income and love to talk about personal mindset and growth in this arena. Ask me!
Finally, I must admit that the spiritual dimension of life (morality, motivation, and the making of relationships) is forever intriguing and of vital importance to me. Thank you for the opportunity to be an ambassador for the entire Kierestu Organization.

Ray´s Bio:

Tech Background - Bachelors of Science in Systems Engineering from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.
Clear Communication - Agape International Cross-Cultural Communication Program in San Bernardino, California.
Engagement Marketing - Business Consulting with Caldwell Consulting in Westlake Village, California.
After graduation from college and working in the non-profit sector for many years, Ray embarked on a non-traditional sales career starting at the ground floor (literally selling industrial flooring) before becoming a family service representative at a funeral home!! His next position exposed him to the startup world with a cloud-based liquid nitrogen measuring system which he parlayed into being a startup consultant coaching primarily in the areas of creating a unique value proposition, followed by a 30-second elevator (excitement) pitch, then leading to an engaging pitch deck for investment and partnership opportunities.
He is a Creative Business Development Catalyst working in fast-paced interpersonal environments. His nimble entrepreneurial background allows for the strategic analysis of Sales Opportunities, Creative Development of New Verticals, followed by Strategic Profit Maximization. Ray achieves exceptional results in sales, marketing, and business development through a Consultative-Challenger Strategy and a customized “Linked InGenious” program generating multiples of contacts and leads! He is also a Winning Mindset Coach in athletics, sales, and business.