Carinda Salomon

Carinda´s motto:

Every human is designed for and worthy of experiencing happiness.

Carinda Salomon

Instilled with the belief that we have one core responsibility as humans and that is to leave this world better, I took the jump a year ago to join this team. Never once have I wanted to look back. I have the honor of experiencing progressive transformations in lives on an almost daily basis. Whether it is an Executive, Entrepreneur, Student, Individual, Parent or GrandParent, the ability to identify and understand their own talents and passions is something I live for. A wise man once told me, when you find something you want to keep, share it and share it often. As your Biz Dev, Investor & Public Relations contact, that is what I am here to do.  

Carinda´s Bio:

Carinda’s unique perspective and innovative strategies have proven invaluable to Angel Investors, VC’s, Family Offices, Start Ups and Emerging Growth Companies in SoCal for the past 10 plus years. Her experience consulting, collaborating & strategizing with numerous capital sources has provided her with priceless insight into what funding sources are looking for in companies up for investment consideration. Her passion to achieve a Return On Community alongside a Return On Investment for all she works with has been noticed and requested by Investors, Funds, VC’s, LP’s, Startups, CEO’s, COO’s, CSO’s, CMO’s & Fortune 100 Companies alike. Her focus on bridging the gap between & cultivating relationships for investors and entrepreneurs continues to result in maximum returns and development. Carinda serves as an Advisor to Keiretsu Forum Southern California. She also consults, speaks & mentors along the way and has sat on various executive boards throughout her rewarding career.