Marylou Garcia

Women's Initiatives
Marylou´s motto:
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
Marylou Garcia

I am a proud mother of two lovely children, who are both Googlers, and recently a very blessed grandmother. My husband and I enjoy traveling as empty nesters and enjoy cruising and seeing different parts of the world. I love working with entrepreneurs in innovative industries and have a soft spot for female entrepreneurs.
The benefit of having had operational experience in mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, both in the US and internationally, coupled with an MBA from Wharton, allows me to view things both with an entrepreneurial/opportunity mindset tempered by a risk minimization/scenario planning, cash planning mindset. I ask the hard questions, forcing the team to think through execution risks and gaining a deeper understanding of what would make them successful. Cash is queen.

Marylou´s Bio:

Marylou Garcia is the Area Director for Expense Reduction Analysts, a worldwide network of more than 600 consultants in 30 countries specializing in delivering extra profits and cash flow for mid-sized companies through cost reduction. ERA’s 18,000 successful client projects show that many supplier costs can be lowered by another 10%-30% without jeopardizing existing supplier relationships or forcing them to change suppliers.

Marylou has an MBA in Finance from the Wharton Business School. She has held senior positions in Finance, including Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Finance Director for various multinational hotel chains such as Hyatt Hotels, Pan Pacific Hotels, The St. Regis, and others. Her global and multicultural experiences include 18 countries in Asia, the Caribbean, North/Latin/South Americas. She has helped many companies in the US and internationally increases their operating margins and cash flow.

Marylou leads the Women’s Initiative of Keiretsu Forum. She is also a limited partner at Halogen 

Ventures and is a sophisticated angel investor. She coaches and mentors entrepreneurs, especially those seeking early-stage capital.