May Virtual Investor Forum - Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday, May 24 / 2022 - Virtual Forum
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 01:30 PM PST
  • → Online here
  • Access will be granted upon approval

The forum will feature 25-minute presentations (including Q&A) from a curated selection of exciting start-up companies, all of whom have been carefully selected through our screening processes. You will also see a few update presentations from past presenting companies. Continental lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Advanced Medical Device Technologies
Advanced Medical Device Technologies Inc. will be the leading provider of innovative medical device technologies and solutions that are energy-efficient, disruptive, compact, and cost-effective. These devices will save lives, improve patient safety, reduce costs and enhance patient outcomes. Advanced Fluid Warming solution is a compact device that utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology to instantaneously heat fluids, including frozen blood products, plasma, peritoneal dialysis dialysate, hemodialysis dialysate/water, or any other type of fluids requiring temperature monitoring. The Advanced Medical Device Technologies' multi-purpose respiratory solution is a compact all-purpose design. It has a self-contained air compressor and gas mixer along with alarming controls. The small exhale attachable disinfection adaptor can increase the temperature of exhaled air up to 130 degrees Celsius, thereby eradicating any known viruses.
Domain-U has developed and is now selling a new class of "experiential training" on-demand, interactive, virtual training SaaS platform with the capability to customize course content and learning paths to fit customers' specific needs to scale. This market niche has customer appeal by combining training video content customers want, with a hands-on, “learn by doing” interactive capabilities that promotes active learning via an online platform. Far and away the best way to learn a software, device, or process is to LEARN BY DOING. This synchronized interactive experiential learning dramatically speeds up time to productivity.
Humanetics/BIO 300 provides a new drug platform to address three major market indications: inflammatory diseases (including COVID-19), cancer radiation therapy, and medical counter measures to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. Humanetics is seeking $2.5M in convertible debt funding intended to bridge operating costs until completion of a new $15M equity to fund a non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Phase 2b clinical trial and further MCM development. The Company has the potential to receive Emergency Use Authorization for $50M+ purchase orders to both protect soldiers from radiation exposure on the battlefield (Ukraine) and to prevent and mitigate lung damage caused by COVID-19. FDA approval for military use is possible within 3 years, whereupon it would receive a Priority Review Voucher with a secondary market value of $75M. Near term $100M+ commercial revenues to supply national stockpiles, both domestic and abroad, would likely follow FDA approval.
Softly has a compelling high yield investment opportunity that will empower consumers to make choices that are better for our planet and the generations to come. This easy add to your browser will automatically work in the background while you shop online to provide product suggestions that match up to what YOU value in a product - values such as environmentally friendly, socially just, or free of a certain harmful ingredient.  Finally, an easy way to use your purchasing power for good! Simple. Sustainable. Softly.
Yuva Biosciences, Inc.
Yuva Biosciences is fighting aging through the restoration of mitochondrial science, with the first target indications being hair and skin aging (hair loss/skin wrinkles) and ovarian aging (fertility/menopausal symptoms). Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the key causes of human aging, and our scientific founder is one of the world's top 5 mitochondrial scientists. Initial products are based on natural compounds that restore mitochondrial function, applied topically which are sold over the counter and DTC.  The initial products have had early human trials already and will be going into new human trials this year as well as product formulation, and discussions with large players in the hair and skin markets have already begun for partnerships.
Charlot Biosciences (CBio)
Charlot Biosciences (CBio) is an exciting investment opportunity geared to transform the $5.6B Cell Therapy Quality Control market. CBio builds analytical equipment to ensure cell and viral vector gene therapy actually works. They have razor sharp focus to unleash the promise of Cell Therapy, a $45B market with projected 31% CAGR through 2030. Promising second line treatments like Cell Therapy are essential solutions for millions of patients who fail first line therapy, but the treatments don’t always work as expected. CBio is a systems engineering company that builds quality testing equipment using novel separation science techniques, machine vision, and edge computing to ensure the lifesaving treatments will work as expected and are safe for patients to receive. CBio’s target market doesn't require FDA approval as they will sell an industrial quality control analysis tool. CBio's patented technology is able to identify cytopathic effects, microbial contamination, and other quality issues much faster than today's gold standard methods, reducing weeks of testing time to within 48 hours.