May Virtual Investor Forum

Friday, May 12 / 2023
Virtual Meeting
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May Virtual Investor Forum

The forum will feature 20-minute presentations (including Q&A) from a curated selection of exciting start-up companies, all of whom have been carefully selected through our screening processes. You will also see an updated presentation from a past presenting company.

 10:30 AM               Welcome: Connie Harrell, President, Keiretsu Forum SoCal Intro

                                Entrepreneur Preview:

 10:50 AM               Bilayer Therapeutics, Thomas Collet

Bilayer Therapeutics is developing first-in-class therapies for metabolic and GI diseases such as obesity and constipation based on a proprietary bilayer tablet platform technology from Dr. Robert Langer’s lab at MIT.                               

Entrepreneur Presentations:

 10:55 AM               Vikktoria, Walid Romaya

Vikktoria is a first-to-market mobile legal marketplace that brings relevant real-time search and connectivity with 1.3 million lawyers. The B2C marketplace is powered by an AI-enabled search engine with a SaaS revenue model from lawyers. 

11:15 AM               Arwall, Rene Amador

ARwall is a virtual production company with clients including Disney, HBO, Netflix, WB, and Universal. After 100+ deployments of their patented in-camera effects tech, they’ve now simplified the software into an indie-friendly tool suit and marketplace of virtual sets, ARFX, which can turn your smartTV and smartphone into a blockbuster effects studio. 

11:35 AM               OneForce, Andy Zhulenev

OneForce is a knowledge work automation company transforming lead generation and recruiting with its SmartLeads™ platform powered by its proprietary next-gen AI, BrainCore™ 

11:55 AM               Meta-Brain Labs, Alexandrea Day

Meta-Brain Labs provides the tools for humans to reset their minds by applying Cognitive Behavior Therapy through a neuroscience and learning theory lens. Human mindsets are “programmed” much like a computer and, as a result, can be reprogrammed. 

Entrepreneur Updates: 

12:15 PM                Tap Systems, Inc., Dovid Schick

Tap Systems has developed a revolutionary technology that makes keyboards a thing of the past. Founded by tech superstars and possessing patented, disruptive technology, Tap unlocks billions of dollars of value in both consumer and enterprise markets. 

12:20 AM               Flyshare, Tony Thompson

Flyshare and its partners will transition commercial aviation fuel from kerosene to hydrogen. Flyshare will also activate dozens of underutilized airports around the country. 

12:25 AM               Rancho Santa Fe Bio Inc., Randy Berholtz

Rancho Santa Fe Bio seeks to develop drugs that can provide patients with either their first oral, easy-to-take, drugs for certain types of heart disease or to delay or prevent them from undergoing expensive and highly invasive heart surgeries. Their drug ataciguat will be the first drug on the market for aortic valve stenosis and can either prevent a patient from undergoing open heart surgery or delay the need for it by 12 to 15 years. 

12:30 AM               Yank Technologies, Josh Yank

Yank Technologies develops wireless power solutions for primarily automotive interiors and industrial appliances. The technology is safe, contactless, and FCC-approved - like Wi-Fi but for Power! 

12:35 PM               FLX Solutions, Matt Bilsky

FLX Solutions' patented 1" diameter snake-robot inspects industrial equipment and infrastructure that are otherwise impossible to access. We find and prevent issues BEFORE a breakdown occurs, eliminating millions of dollars of operational downtime. 

12:40 PM                Wrap-Up with Entrepreneurs, K4 SoCal Team, Investor Participants…