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We have a list of portfolio companies on our website. The investment interest that the companies receive depends on the specific company, industry, management, stage and other factors. What we’ve been able to see from past presentation is that there are 7-10 companies that present at the deal screening, 4-5 of them are selected to come to the Keiretsu Forum meeting and 2 of them receive investment traction from the Keiretsu Forum members. Again, investment traction depends on a number of factors and is different for each meeting for different chapters.
Keiretsu Forum does not invest as a fund. Members make individual investment decisions. The rounds have been from $250K to $3M. The smallest investment an individual member has made was $25K. The largest investment an individual member has made was $5M. If you receive financial traction from the Keiretsu Forum, you will be receiving individual checks from members.
Keiretsu Forum does not take warrants or commissions for capital raised through the Forum.
There is no fee to apply, be pre-screened, and present at the Deal Screening meeting. However, if on the Screening meeting your company is selected to present to the full Forum, there is a presentation fee to defer management and organization cost. The fee is $6,500 in Keiretsu Forum Southern California.
Companies that apply to us are typically in their A or B rounds. They usually have accomplished a $500K to $1.5M friends and family round before they reach us.
Our network of investors is extremely diverse, therefore we are industry agnostic.
Screening: 20-minute presentation on Power Point slides (10-minute core presentation followed by 10-minute Q&A) Forum: 20-minute presentation on Power Point Slides (10-minute core presentation followed by 10-minute Q&A)