This is how you prepare to get your funding

The following steps make up the process of selecting companies that present to Keiretsu Forum SoCal:

Normally the first point of contact is with our entrepreneur director, William Taffa. Whether you have learned about Keiretsu Forum from a friend, associate, former entrepreneur, or investors, the process is always the same. Click here to apply within our online platform and William will follow up as soon as possible.

The requirements are as follows:

1. Complete the online application → here :

2. Pre-screening

Once you have made it past the application process, William will schedule a pre-screening call for himself as well as any of our Lead Investors and/or experts within the industry of your business. 20-30% of the companies that apply make it past this initial pre-screening.

3. Deal Screening

A Deal Screening, via a Zoom call will consist of presenting a 10 minute presentation and being ready for 10-15 minutes of Q&A. 

4. Opportunity Review

The companies who are approved to move forward will be required to commit to the following


1. A 1-2 hour Zoom call to review all aspects of your presentation. During this review we will share suggestions on your presentation, your documents, your offer, etc.....

2. Agree to attend our "dress rehearsal" on Tuesday or Wednesday the week of the Forum. This meeting will require 1-1/2 hours to go over all aspects of preparation for the Forum.  

5. Participation with the Monthly Forum: 

All entrepreneurs participating with the Forum will agree to the following:

1. Present a 10 minute presentation.  

2. Be prepared for Q&A

5. Initial Due Diligence Call

Due Diligence calls are scheduled to take place the week after the Forum. These calls are scheduled prior to the Forum and invitations are presented during the Forum. This allows for the interested investors to schedule time to join the call.

6. Due Diligence

The focus of each entrepreneur is to gain enough interest for those investors attending the Forum to want to learn more. Our goal is to help you reach enough interest from within our network to form a due diligence group, along with an investor interested enough to take the lead on the due diligence process. Members may collaborate in the due diligence process but they make individual investment decisions.  


There is never a fee to apply or participate in the Keiretsu Forum Screening Process. If you are invited to participate in our Forum meetings, there is currently a $6,500 administrative fee to cover the costs of running our meetings. This is the only fee you’ll face from Keiretsu Forum SoCal — we are not broker-dealers and do not solicit success fees upon funding.

NOTE: If you are selected by our members for due diligence there are standard charges for background checks, DD Fellows stipends, possible legal review fees, and legal fees for term sheet reviews and IP overview, if appropriate. A site visit is also recommended with travel expenses being covered by the entrepreneur.